Lauren Holley

Lauren Holley brings an extensive background in painting & illustration to her often experimental photographic images.

A natural talent with a creative eye for composition, she was drawing well before she could talk.

“I knew she was an artist by the time she was two years old” says her mother.

Born and Raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Holley earned a full–tuition scholarship to the Art Institute of Atlanta, graduating in 1993 and making Atlanta, GA her surrogate home away from home.

For her fine arts series, Holley blends all of her talents as a visual artist together in a unique gumbo of graphic images that stir emotions and provoke thought. Her works are inspired by natural beauty in everyday life, rendered with a touch of darkness and melancholy.

In more recent years, Holley has become an accomplished cityscape photographer in Atlanta. In 2014 she founded Atlanta Urban Photo Walkers, which has now grown to be the largest photography meetup group in the city with 4,070+ members. Her work has graced the big screen in Times Square and shared the stage with Madonna. She won three Reader’s Pick categories in Creative Loafing’s Best of 2015 Awards for Local Artist Instagram, Street Photographer, and Best Fine Arts Photographer.

Holley lives and works in Atlanta’s historic Old Fourth Ward neighborhood with her partner and their pug, Miso Puggie. She is the founder of Graphiknation, an Atlanta-based creative studio specializing in interactive design, photography, and branding.